• jennifer

    Jennifer Lavis

    A Canadian native and graduate of the English department, Uuniversity of Toronto. High level experience in teaching English language

  • mike

    Mike Morgan

    A Canadian native graduate of the Literature Department, York University, he holds distinction certificates in teaching English language.

  • sofia

    Sofia Sandler

    A Canadian native graduate of York University, she also holds an ESL certificate

  • anne

    Anne Faulkner

    A native Canadian graduate of the English Language Department, University of Windsor.Ms. Faulkner has extensive experience teaching English language.

  • andrew

    Andrew Scott

    A native Canadian graduate of Walden University,with specialty in teaching English language.

  • trina stam

    Trina Stam

    A native Canadian graduate of English language department, University of Toronto. Wide Experience in teaching English Language.


Successful Training Group offers tutoring courses for teaching and improving student’s reading, writing and speaking of the English language. All of our STG teachers have the highest certifications from the best most prestigious universities and institutes across Canada and also have extensive experience teaching English to students of all ages.

  • English courses are held on a one-to-one basis; you and the teacher meet online in the comfort of your home or office. The aim of these meetings is to provide this service directly to you and to make sure that you are learning the correct pronunciation. You can also ask any questions you may have during the tutoring session instead of waiting for feedback long after the lesson has ended, as is the case with other learning systems.

  • Studies show that learning English and proficiency in pronunciation are directly related to the teaching style of the teachers at Successful Training Group.

  • The presented curriculum has been prepared by the world’s leading English language teaching institutes. It contains all the needed elements to enable the trainee to gain the greatest benefit through reading, writing, grammar, vocabulary, as well as speaking and listening to teachers who are native Canadian speakers.This ensures the delivery of the correct native pronunciation.

  • All of our Teachers at Successful Training Group are graduates from the most prestigious universities across Canada and have specialized in teaching English to non-English speakers. Furthermore,all STG Tutors have many years of experience in teaching English to students of all ages

  • All of our courses are held online, with the trainee and lecturer communicating on a one-to-one basis to ensure the delivery of the correct information and a perfect Canadian native dialect.

  • Our courses are designed for all ages and levels. We have courses for businessmen where we teach commercial and trade expressions, as well as everyday language. In addition,we also have programs for children, youth, and beginners.

  • I did not expect this high level of teaching, especially when lectures are held for me only. I benefited from this type of lectures and completed all levels. Many thanks to successful training group on upscale service. May God help you!

    Fahad, Saudi Arabia

  • My son Omar managed to speak in English shortly after taking courses. He managed to understand spoken language expressions. Many thanks to successful
    training group. My husband and I will continue taking courses and special thanks to Mrs. Morgan.

    Om Omar, Saudi Arabia

  • The training group granted me a big chance to learn English language, the special online way, the time I chose. My colleagues noticed my English language
    improvement…I will complete all other levels.

    Mohammad , Qatar

  • Because of being busy in work, I couldn’t improve my English language till I found the successful training group. I used to take the courses online in my home or office with professional native teachers. I wish you good luck.

    Khaled, SaudiArabia

  • I attended previous English language courses many times before, but I could not touch a big progress. After taking courses with successful training group I noticed a big improvement, thanks to god. This group has distinguished teachers, I chose the suitable schedule and I speak English with the right pronunciation.


  • I thank successful training group on their fantastic way of presenting courses with special thanks to teacher Andrew. I managed to improve my English language rapidly through his lectures.

    Bandar, Saudi Arabia

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