Successful Training Group offers English language courses by Canadian native speakers. All our teachers have the highest certifications from the largest universities and institutions across Canada, as well as previous work experience in teaching English.

  • Courses are held online directly to the student as a live broadcast and are not, previously recorded. All course levels are provided by means of audio (hearing) and visual (seeing on the screen) contact. Our teachers are provided with all the learning materials and lessons. Students may also present their current school work to the tutor for help on specific topics being taught at school.
  • What makes STG courses distinguished, is that we make use of advanced technologies and curriculum of the highest quality to ensure that we are delivering both the best quality information and the highest level of native dialect to the student.
  • The presented curriculum was prepared in the world’s finest English Language Teaching institutes. It contains all the necessary elements to benefit the trainee by providing learning opportunities through exposure to reading, writing, grammar, vocabulary, as well as speaking and listening to teachers who are proficient native Canadian speakers.
  • Teachers in Successful Training Group are graduates of the most reputable universities in the world and have specialized in teaching the English language.

Our courses are held online on a one-to-one basis to ensure the benefit of delivering the high quality curriculum information in the correct Canadian native dialect.

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  • Ontario
  • Canada
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