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Jade Beldham for Payment Pickup

416 628 8684

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Exam preparation for Canada Immigration:
IELTS English International English Language Testing System More details
CELPIP English Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program More details
TEF French Test d’évaluation de français More details
Language courses and grammer:
Level I Level 1 Elementary More details
Level II Level 2 Elementary to Pre-Intermediate  
Level III Level 3 Pre-Intermediate  
Level IV Level 4 Pre-Intermediate to Intermediate  
Level V Level 5 Intermediate More details
Level VI Level 6 Intermediate to Upper-Intermediate  
Level VII Level 7 Upper-Intermediate More details
Level VIII Level 8 Upper-Intermediate to Advanced  
Level IX Level 9 Advanced  
Conversation courses
Conversation Level I Level 1 Elementary
Conversation Level II Level 2 Intermediate
Conversation Level III Level 3 Advanced
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